Loadrunner Online Training

LoadRunner Online Training Course Content :

Fundamentals of LoadRunner

Introduction to Performance Testing & Engineering

  • The value of load testing/Performance testing
  • What is Performance Engineering
  • Difference between Performance Engineering & Testing
  • Performance test Life Cycle
  • Types of Performance tests & approach
  • What is LoadRunner/

Introduction to HP-LoadRunner

  • LoadRunner components
  • LoadRunner Architecture
  • LoadRunner License
  • LoadRunner Protocols
  • N-Tier Architecture

LoadRunner Installation

  • Understand LoadRunner components
  • Hardware requirements

Planning an effective load test

  • Establish load test goals
  • Study application under test
  • Profile Me system

VuGen Scripting for The Web

  • Recording for the Web • PlayBack
  • Actions and Transactions
  • Using Parameters
  • Verification-Checkpoints
  • Manual Correlation
  • Auto Correlation – After Recording
  • Auto Correlation – Before Recording

Working with Controller & Analysis

Introduction to LoadRunner Scenarios

  • What is scenario?
  • Manual Vs Goal oriented scenario
  • Defining scenario goals based on planning
  • Defining and connecting to load generators
  • Working with SLAs

Setting scenario specific Run-time settings

Scenario Execution

  • Loading and overloading (base load, full load and overload)
  • when executing scenarios

Scheduling Scenarios

Performance Monitors

  • Selecting and configuring performance monitors
  • Monitoring Web. APP. DB servers

Results Analysis

  • Did you meet your goals?
  • Results analysis process Correlate the results of backed monitors and transactions
  • Learn to read the analysis graphs and drill down to find the root cause.

Working with HP – Performance Center

Miscellaneous Topics

Performance testing on SAP applications

  • How to record SAP GUI & Web based applications
  • How to Monitor SAP applications
  • How to analyze SAP applications

Performance testing on Siebel Applications

  • How to record & playback Siebel Applications
  • Troubleshooting Siebel errors

Performance testing with Citrix application

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