QTP UFT Online Training

HP QTP / UFT Online Training Course Content 

Introduction Automation Testing

  • What is Test Automation
  • Benefits of Automation Testing
  • Identifying Automation Test Scenario’s
  • Various Automation Test Tools

Introduction and History of QTP:

  • QTP Supported Environments
  • QTP Supported Browsers
  • QTP Setup and Installation
  • Walk thru Different QTP tabs and options
  • Record and Run settings
  • QTP Record and Playback
  • Record a Test and Run

Object Repository:

  • QTP and Object Repository
  • Significance of OR
  • PerAction and Global/Shared Object Repository
  • Object Spy and different options
  • Addins and their significance
  • Object Configuration and Object identification in QTP
  • Properties: Mandatory Properties, Assistive properties, Ordinal identifiers and smart identification
  • Create Object repository
  • Assign Object Repository to Tests

Folder Structure :

  • Design Reusable keyword driven framework with OR
  • Run and Debug the Tests using Step into and step over techniques
  • Design FrameWork Folder structure
  • Write all reusable actions at one place
  • Call All Reusable componetns from main test

QTP Actions :

  • Reusable and Non Reusable actions
  • Call to New action
  • Call to Existing action
  • Call to Copy of action
  • Work with Test flow ,change the sequence of actions in the flowchart

Data Table:

  • Work With Local and Global Data tables
  • Data table functions like import,importsheet,rowcount,column count,read cell value
  • Do data driven with local and global sheets
  • Show run settings and run on all rows etc..

Work with External sheets:

  • Try all possible techniques with data sheets
  • Export Data sheets


  • Work with Webtable using both object repository and descriptive programming.
  • WebTable row count, column count, getrow,getcell
  • Webtable and childItem

Introduce parameterization:

  • Launch a URL with Invoke and SystemUtil
  • Do parameterization with Internal and External Sheets
  • Implement Data driven testing .

Descriptive Programming :

  • Set an object
  • Work with Child Objects
  • How to use Option Explicit
  • Handle dynamic controls with descriptive programming

Validations in QTP :

  • CheckPoints
  • Getroproperty
  • Gettoproperty

Synchronization in QTP :

  • Exist
  • Wait
  • Add Sync point with QTP native method

VB Scripting:

  • identifiers in VB
  • modifiers in VB
  • variables in VB
  • Conditional and Decision making Statements in VB – if,if else,switch case
  • Looping statements in VB – for,foreach,do while etc..
  • Arrays in VB
  • String functions like split,trim,length,ubound,lbound etc…

Function Libraries:

  • Function Libraries with and without OR
  • Environment variables and their usage
  • Read Environment variables from xml file
  • Export to xml
  • Different ways of Associating functional library to the test

Report Generation:

  • How to use Report statements in QTP
  • How to generate Logs
  • Generate logs in an HTML file

FrameWork Implementaion :

  • Keyword Driven
  • Data Driven
  • Hybrid

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